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"We have a choice when it comes to leadership. We can elect to embrace a leadership mindset, rather than letting title and hierarchy define us. We can choose to be staunch advocates of other women, rather than suppress each other's talents. We can choose to be vulnerable and authentic, rather than uphold a guise. We can choose to be better." - Carrie Majewski, Founder, Women in Leadership Nexus

Leadership is all about intersections—the intersections of people, community, talents, collaboration, experiences. And true leaders, sit at the epicenter of those interconnections. They empower those in their company; exhibit fierce self-belief while recognizing the unique talents in others; believe in authenticity and vulnerability above all else; and understand that to lead is to do better and to be better. They are at the nexus, or the middle point at which different things, connections and sentiments meld together and intersect. They become the change agents.

Welcome to the Women in Leadership Nexus, a relationship-driven community empowering women to recognize that we can all choose to lead, regardless of title, age or years of experience.


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