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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

We are taught at a young age that some are destined to lead. That they have a natural propensity to trail blaze forward, to inspire others, to take the less traveled path. But what if we were instead taught that every single one of us is destined to become a leader? We just simply have to change the definition of leadership.

Leadership doesn't have to be about title, authority, years of experience or career stage. Rather, it can be about choice, disposition and mindset.

We can all choose to lead. We can decide to have a positive impact regardless of where we are in our journey. We can actively embrace and live out the tenets of next-gen leadership, principles that center around empowerment, spirited collaboration and sponsorship. We can promote understanding that effective leadership moves in all directions: up, down and sideways. And we can rise to the responsibility we carry to unearth in ourselves, and in others, leadership qualities that typically lay dormant.

The Women in Leadership Nexus was established to create space for female powerhouses like you to come together and flip the leadership paradigm. This Rhode Island-based organization connects like-minded women through a series of events and community building initiatives.

We are guided by the following core values:

Sharing: We share space, our beliefs and convictions, and talents in a safe, accepting environment.

Authenticity: We have the courage and self-conviction to be our most honest, vulnerable selves.  

Connection: We form meaningful, trusting relationships, understanding there is nothing more powerful than real connections.

Kindness: We put kindness above all else, celebrating each other’s differences and promoting an atmosphere of inclusivity.  

Change: We are fierce—we will always fight to see positive change.

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We are always looking to connect with passionate, trailblazing next-gen leaders.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Nexus, from becoming a member to joining as a blogger to entering our partner ecosystem. Feel free to reach out here to learn more about any of these opportunities!

Please note that in March 2018, we are officially opening up membership to our Rhode Island Chapter (join our mailing list now to get more details). Belonging to the RI Chapter gets you access to quarterly chapter events, a members-only portal and Nexus-specific trainings, among other things. We are also eying several areas across the country following our launch; let us know if we should open a chapter in your area next!

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Forming Nexus

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