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"Women need more women cheerleaders. The Women in Leadership Nexus gives us just that, bringing together women of all ages and career paths to a safe haven to let our hair down, learn new things, be vulnerable, laugh (a lot!) and growtogether. Each event and interaction gives me a reason to stand taller and with the confidence that, in spite of the daily challenges faced at home and on the job, I know I'm capable, I'm  worthy and I'm not alone." - Jen Hetzel Silbert, Founding Nexus Member, Opportunity@Work


We know when we are in the presence of extraordinary leadership. It feels different. It’s energizing, magnetic, creative, awe-inspiring… even daring. It carries such a powerful current that we are willed to it. It’s compelling enough to rock our very belief systems. Simply put, it’s electric.

Whether you have experienced this type of X-factor leadership before, or know it’s out there, the Women in Leadership Nexus was created to help you become this type of leader—the next-gen leader. We inspire our members to recognize that title and hierarchy do not define a leader. We invite our members to explore the tenets of transformative leadership, principles centered around remarkable vision, empowerment, spirited collaboration and sponsorship. And, perhaps most importantly, we remind our members that they can choose to lead.

Our purpose is to forever change the lives of our women, helping them play it big to reach newfound levels of professional and personal success.

Member Benefits

Membership to the Rhode Island chapter of the Women in Leadership Nexus will officially open March 1, 2018! To ensure you receive information on how to apply to Nexus, scroll below and fill out the form to our mailing list. We will be offering both Professional and Corporate Memberships.

Member benefits include:

  • First chapter event FREE after joining
  • Members-only pricing at quarterly chapter events
  • Free admission to select members-only, relationship-building events
  • Preferred rates for Women in Leadership Nexus leadership development workshops
  • Discounted rates for leadership workshops held by Nexus partners
  • Access to members-only portal and directory
  • Access to private chapter LinkedIn group
  • Free access to members-only pop-up e-learning events in the form of webinars, TED talks and videos
  • Monthly members-only leadership development-oriented newsletter
  • Access to join two Nexus-planned volunteer opportunities a year

Membership Types

We offer the following types of membership:

Professional Membership: For individuals, $250 for yearly dues ($200 if you apply by March 31!)

Corporate Membership Standard: For companies wishing to nominate up to five women, $1,000 for yearly dues

Corporate Membership Plus: For companies wishing to nominate 6-10 women, $2,000 for yearly dues

Our Philosophy

Through Nexus events, trainings and our greater community, we introduce our members to both proven and original frameworks to support teaching in a number of core areas, including:

  • Setting and executing vision
  • Building synergistic, unbreakable relationships
  • Spearheading change management initiatives
  • Communicating effectively across social, personality styles
  • Leveraging emotional intelligence
  • Leading and empowering teams
  • Identifying and pursuing unconventional, non-linear career paths
  • Goal-setting and remaining accountable
  • Connecting personal and professional pursuits for heightened fulfillment

Core Values

We are guided by the following core values...

Sharing: We share space, our beliefs and convictions, and talents in a safe, accepting environment.

Authenticity: We have the courage and self-conviction to be our most honest, vulnerable selves.  

Connection: We form meaningful, trusting relationships, understanding there is nothing more powerful than real connections.

Learning: We have a voracious appetite for learning, prioritizing the importance of self-growth and evolution.  

Change: We are fierce—we will always fight to see positive change.


Forming Nexus

Want to learn more about why the Nexus was started? Click here to read a blog from our founder!

Let's Talk

We are always looking to connect with passionate, trailblazing next-gen leaders.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Nexus, from becoming a member to joining as a blogger to entering our partner ecosystem. Feel free to reach out here to learn more about any of these opportunities!

Please note that in March 2018, we are officially opening up membership to our Rhode Island Chapter (join our mailing list now to get more details). Belonging to the RI Chapter gets you access to quarterly chapter events, a members-only portal and Nexus-specific trainings, among other things. We are also eying several areas across the country following our launch; let us know if we should open a chapter in your area next!

We look forward to chatting soon!

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