Promoting the advocacy, empowerment and advancement of today's leaders
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The Women in Leadership Nexus is a group of diverse women; incredibly smart, passionate and on course to change the tide of traditional leadership. This group is different. We honor our uniqueness in experience, strengths and vision and bond together to build a strong and powerful current.
— Kathy Webster

Next-Gen Leaders

We know when we are in the presence of extraordinary leadership. It feels different. It’s energizing, magnetic, creative, awe-inspiring… even daring. It carries such a powerful current that we are willed to it. It’s compelling enough to rock our very belief systems. Simply put, it’s electric.

Whether you have experienced this type of X-factor leadership before, or know it’s out there, the Women in Leadership Nexus was created to help you become this type of leader—the next-gen leader. We inspire our members to recognize that title and hierarchy do not define a leader. We invite our members to explore the tenets of transformative leadership, principles centered around remarkable vision, empowerment, spirited collaboration and sponsorship. And, perhaps most importantly, we remind our members that they can choose to lead.

Our purpose is to forever change the lives of our women, helping them play it big to reach newfound levels of professional and personal success.

Member Benefits

We are currently accepting applications to join our Rhode Island chapter. Member benefits include:

  • Quarterly Chapter Events, leadership development seminars led by awe-inspiring speakers, facilitators and activators

  • Quarterly Member Meet-Ups, allowing you to create deep bonds with your fellow Nexus women

  • Bi-Annual Complimentary Pop-Up Trainings, smaller group workshops designed to dive deep into a core leadership concept

  • High-touch new member on-boarding process from our Member Experience Team

  • Discounted rates when tapping into the Nexus partner ecosystem for booking public speakers, workshop facilitators and keynoters

  • Monthly members-only leadership development enewsletter

  • Access to members-only portal, directory and private chapter LinkedIn group

  • Members-only pricing at quarterly chapter events

Ready to join now? Click on the button below.

Our Philosophy

Women join Nexus to be around extraordinary, successful women, discover newfound possibilities within themselves, and keep company with the women to whom they aspire to be. Our members make up all industries and professions. Through events, trainings and our greater community, we introduce our members to both proven and original frameworks to support teaching in a number of core areas, including:

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  • Shaping and strengthening leadership presence

  • Exploring the power of diversity of thought, experience and perspective

  • Setting and executing vision

  • Embracing positive strengths psychology

  • Spearheading change management initiatives

  • Communicating effectively across social, personality styles

  • Leveraging emotional intelligence

  • Leading and empowering teams

  • Identifying and pursuing unconventional, non-linear career paths

  • Goal-setting and accountability

Your Leadership Journey

To partner with you on your leadership journey, we equip you with the trainings, professional development and relationships to support your quest to reach an amplified level of leadership. We also expect you to move our group forward through active participation, engagement and co-creation! Here are just a few ways your leadership journey will be ignited when you join Nexus:

  • Our quarterly chapter events are designed to activate you to spring to action, embrace a new leadership asset, challenge existing paradigms and re-frame your own view on what's possible. At each event, you will be asked to participate in experiential exercises, ideation sessions and small group work. No passive participation at Nexus!

  • Routine members-only events will enable you to facilitate connection and participate in knowledge-sharing with other powerhouse Nexus leaders. Your horizon will expand as you authentically share your stories with one another.

  • The "Invest Now, Impact Later" challenge, a monthly virtual challenge delivered to your inbox, will tee up three things you can do differently for the month to impact your leadership journey.


Our Nexus Events Committee meets regularly to set and shape our trainings and seminars. To inquire about our upcoming 2019 Calendar of Events, click here.

Core Values

We are guided by the following core values...

Sharing: We share space, our beliefs and convictions, and talents in a safe, accepting environment

Authenticity: We have the courage and self-conviction to be our most honest, vulnerable selves

Connection: We form meaningful, trusting relationships, understanding there is nothing more powerful than real connections

Learning: We have a voracious appetite for learning, prioritizing the importance of self-growth and evolution

Change: We are fierce—we will always fight to see positive change


Forming Nexus

Want to learn more about why the Nexus was started? Click here to read a blog from our founder!