On Celebration as a Woman…

I’ve recently been experiencing massive business growth. The type of growth I’ve been dreaming of for years… the kind I’ve only seen others experience and wondered what I was doing wrong to not experience the same.

But I haven’t really talked about (save close friends and family) it.

I’ve worried what people will think of me.

What they’d say if they knew how much I was struggling before this month.

If they’d question how it was possible to turn a business around “overnight.”

And at the same time, I’ve been having wild visions of these elaborate, over-the-top celebrations. We’re talking champagne bottles popping, women showering me with praise, and dance parties and fancy dinners where nothing is off limits. All just to celebrate me.

But as fun as it all sounds, part of me feels gross for thinking that, let alone asking for it.

Part of me is terrified to be in the spotlight.

So here are a few questions I’m currently pondering...

Why as women are we so quick to skip over massive wins in both life and business? Or even the tiny wins.

It doesn’t even matter if your win is getting out of bed that day or not verbally assaulting the poor human who innocently crosses your path as you desperately try to hold it together.

I coach and talk to so many incredible women who never mention half the amazing things they’ve done. Myself every bit included here.

We’re scared to ask people to celebrate and to share in our wins.

Are we scared others will think we’re braggy and conceited?

Are we worried that others will see what we’ve already accomplished and try to keep us down?

What would happen if we started celebrating not only ourselves, but each other?

I truly believe that what we focus on, grows.

So how many more wins would be possible if we made a concerted effort to celebrate all that it takes to be a woman and leader in this world?


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Julia Wells is a Women’s Empowerment Coach who helps leaders find their voices, lean into their fears, and become a greater force for good in the world. She is fiercely committed to sisterhood and creating communities where women feel safe, supported, and seen. Julia landed in the Bay Area when she ditched corporate to explore entrepreneurship. She feels most alive when singing obnoxiously in the car, chasing a sunset, or practicing Buti Yoga.