How Much is Fear Worth?

One of the most difficult things to navigate when finding a new job is negotiating compensation. How do you quantify your worth in business? Is it by how much someone is willing to pay you? By the way they aggressively recruited you?

Shouldn’t it be based on the value you can bring to the position?

I will refer to shoes, my favorite subject once again (click here to check out my previous blog post). Obviously there are many brands of shoes available: different styles, colors, shapes even! With all these options, where do you even start? Out of all the aisles and shelves, you start where your eye is drawn to. Seems obvious, but think of it.  There are some that stand out, amongst all the boots, clogs, pumps, wedges.... They are noticed.

For instance, a red sole is something that is noticed. It is beautiful, striking, and sets a certain attitude tone. Even if others aren’t “red shoe people,” they admire your taste, and your perceived class may even increase in their eyes. These show-stopping shoes can cost hundreds of dollars for one shoe, and though that might be all you can afford, they only come in pairs!

To some of you, it might seem asinine that people are willing to spend that kind of money for something you walk in. What about when I get them dirty? Wouldn’t that be a waste? Absolutely not! Quite simply, they are the best! Hard costs are only a portion of the whole experience. You feel great in them. You know people are looking as you go by and wondering what you do, who you are, and how you can afford such luxury. How can you put a price on that?

Okay, let’s imagine a scenario: What would happen if you ever went shopping for red soles and you asked the sales associate for a discount?  Would they say ok because they are nervous to say no and lose the sale? Absolutely not! The answer would be a confident “no” and the next person at the store would scoop up the shoes and buy them, because they see the value in them and are willing to pay for them what they are worth.

There is a statistic that states 78% of everything we do is based on fear, and there are many levels and degrees of fear. As women, we devalue ourselves because of the fear of rejection. What if we want a new position, but they offer me less compensation and I say no, do I not get the position? “I should just take it and ask for more when they see all of my great work.” No way should that be thought process! 

You are a red “soul” and need to let people know why you have earned your reputation, what you have done in the past that allows you to demand every penny you require. Don’t ever fear standing up for yourself in business because of what the outcome might be, stand up for yourself and your value because you know what the outcome needs to be!

In the words of Coco Channel, “Keep your heels, head and standards high.”

Kelly Lichtenberger is WBENC certified and is able to provide workforce agility to all industries with varying technology needs. Previously Kelly lead the venerable Inside Sales organization at Carousel Industries and played a pivotal role in Carousel’s business development and customer outreach. With over 15 years of leadership and inside sales development experience, she carries a diverse background in building revenue-driven inside sales teams within high-growth, high-tech organizations. As a four-time winner of the AA-ISP Most Influential Sales Professionals, Kelly is a noted expert on how to train, build and grow exceptional teams. Prior to joining Carousel, Kelly led the Inside Sales, Market Development and SMB teams at LifeSize Videoconferencing, a division of Logitech.