ICYMI: A Look Back at The Nexus’ Top Summer Blogs

Summer may be in full swing and though it’s a season known for vacationing, lounging and R&R, it’s also the perfect season for self-reflection, introspection and goal-setting. While the kids are busy at camp and work has (hopefully!) slowed down a bit, now’s the time to reinvest in yourself. Perhaps that means taking a mental health day to focus on a passion project continually losing out to the day-to-day grind. Or maybe that means finally eating out with your significant other at that new restaurant that opened down the street. It may also mean picking up literature—in the form of books, essays and blogs—to collect pearls of wisdom from other powerhouse leaders.

In case you missed it, the Women in Leadership Nexus blog has been rife with blogs, covering all-important topics like balance, boundaries and work-life balance. Here’s a look at the summer’s top posts:

How Much is Fear Worth?
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Is fear holding you back? Are you knowingly—or unknowingly—rejecting opportunity because of varying levels of fear. Earlier in June, blogger Kelly Lichtenberger explored the power of fear, sharing that 78% of everything we do is based on fear, and there are many levels and degrees of fear. What’s more, as women, we devalue ourselves because of the fear of rejection. So how do you stop letting fear win out? Get some tips in Kelly’s post.


Dreams and Alarm Clocks: What Are You Missing Out On?
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It’s long been researched and proven that the dream world is our subconscious’ way of expressing itself. Dreams can serve as hints and warning signs of our innermost sentiments and concerns. As blogger Tricia Howard contends: “Dreams are a funny thing. They can morph and manifest themselves in ways we never thought possible, but you have to be willing to hear the unthinkable.” Learn more about how to make sense of your dreams in Tricia’s latest post.


Identifying (and Breaking) the Cycle of Self-Suppression
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“I encourage you to think about whose energy you’re currently allowing into your space, and what changes you might have to make to ensure you become your best you,” argues blogger Allison Boccamazzo in her summer post. And it begs the question, are you wasting your energy on individuals, pursuits or goals that do not allow you to reach your fullest potential? Are you cognizant of the way in which people and situations can both nourish and detract from your energy levels?


Why You Should Give Up On Finding Balance
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As women, we seem to be on the never-ending quest for balance. So what if we stopped looking for balance? What if instead we lean in to the moments we feel balance, just as much as the moments we feel off-kilter and redefine our expectations around centeredness. Blogger Julia Wells discusses the power of cycles and seasons and how they connect to balance in her July post.


Some Thoughts on Boundaries
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Driven by the perennial pursuit for work-life balance, many women self-impose boundaries on their world. These boundaries can apply to the workplace, family, friends, social situations, etc. In her latest post, blogger Teresa Coda explains that there aren’t hard rules with boundary setting. Rather, it’s about “figuring out where you fall on the various boundary spectrums and then acting accordingly is essential if you want to create boundaries that are right for you.” Click on the link above to learn more about boundary setting for you.


At the Women in Leadership Nexus we are always looking for new bloggers who want to share their sentiments on leadership, balance, boundaries and work with our community. To inquire about blogging opportunities, click here.

Carrie Majewski is committed to affecting change. As Founder of the Women in Leadership Nexus, Carrie is fueled by a desire to create safe space for female luminaries to convene to redefine the notion of leadership. She has forged a career around strategic writing and storytelling, having led a digital marketing agency for almost three years and today working as Marketing Principal for Trilix Tech. Carrie was named to the 2017 Rhode Island “40 Under 40” list and is a 2016 Rhode Island Tech10 Winner. In her spare time you'll find her trying out a local hip-hop class, exploring parks with her rescue dog Tori, and sipping coffee with other powerhouse women.