5 Ways Working from Home Cultivates Happiness

If you ask me, the ability to work remotely from wherever, whenever is the way of the future. Whether a busy working mom or a young entrepreneur, working remotely gives today’s professionals the freedom to design their work schedule that works best for them and the opportunity to build a truly happy, balanced life. Companies who haven’t started giving their employees this amazingly fulfilling opportunity are behind the times. Although not all careers allow for remote work capability, most jobs in the corporate world allow for a flexible work schedule.

Whether you lead a company, a team or yourself as a solopreneur, consider the benefits of working from home more regularly, and encouraging your colleagues and teammates to do the same. Here are just some of the many benefits it provides:

  1. You have flexibility. When you work from home, you don’t have to be chained to your desk from 9 am to 5 pm. You can fit in that doctor’s appointment at noon, move your laptop from your office to your porch on nice days, and even work later into the evening if you needed a little extra rest that morning. You have freedom, as long as the job is still done.

  2. You save money. Working from home and reducing your weekly travel saves you SO much money – it saves on gas, train tickets, bus tickets, car wear and tear – you name it!

  3. It reduces stress. The easy commute alone from your bedroom to your office or your kitchen table will give a few less gray hairs and help you breath easier. Working from the comfort from your own home will naturally make you feel more relaxed than a crowded train ride to a high stress corporate environment. 

  4. It increases productivity. Take note of this one if you manage people. Without coworkers coming up to your desk in the middle of a project or an impromptu 45-minute life story from someone, you will gain so much time back into your day to get things accomplished. You will find complete focus to complete those high priority projects and still find the time to catchup with your coworkers on the company chat when the time is right for you.

  5. You can travel more. Working remotely gives you the freedom to work from literally ANYWHERE, so why not leave your house? Work from your vacation home for the week, plan a trip abroad and work from your Airbnb. The world is your oyster when you have the ability to work without boundaries.

So… what about you… is there a way you can embrace some components of a work from home (or anywhere) lifestyle for yourself or others?

Amanda is Head of Content Marketing & Social Media at Informa as well as a Freelance Journalist at IPWatchdog. She loves nature, coffee, yoga, writing and traveling. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @AmandaCicc.