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Frequently Asked Questions...


When does membership open for the Nexus?

We are excited to announce that membership for the Rhode Island Chapter of the Women in Leadership Nexus officially opens March 1, 2018! To make sure you are on our mailing list to receive information about requesting to join the Nexus, click here. And, if you want us to come to your state next, drop us a line. We have our eye on a number of exciting areas!

Will there be requirements for joining the Nexus?

We are passionate about cultivating an extraordinary group of professional women who are united in their desire to go on a profound leadership journey. To ensure synergistic magic between our members—and that each individual is an active member—we will have an application process. Through it, you will have the chance to tell us more about you and your hopes for your own leadership journey. All applications will be reviewed by our Application Review Committee.

What are you looking for in potential members?

We look for applicants who share our core values: sharing, authenticity, connection, learning and change. Nexus women are fiercely supportive of other women, devoted to being the agents of change and inspired by the idea of what differentiated leadership can look like. We look for members who will actively move our group forward, participate regularly at events, happily connect with fellow members and co-create a next-gen leader model with us. This is not a group for judgement, selling or cold networking.

What type of membership will you offer?

We  will offer both Professional Membership and Corporate Membership, with organizations able to sponsor a specific number of employees. Members pay yearly dues. Annual events will be either free or discounted for members.

What benefits do members enjoy?

Our members enjoy members-only pricing at quarterly chapter events; free admission to select members-only, relationship-building events; preferred rates for Women in Leadership Nexus leadership development workshops; and access to a members-only portal and directory, among other benefits. More detailed information about membership will be released in March!

Can non-members attend events?

Non-members can attend select public events, however, we encourage all individuals to consider how many events they would like to attend in a given year. Many times, the cost to attend events as a non-member becomes more than the actual cost of joining the association.

What do you mean by terms like "next-gen" and "X-factor" leader?

Not to be confused with next-generation, a next-gen leader is someone who leads differently. The next-gen leader is the X-factor leader, the individual who is centered around a different set of ideals and forever impacting the workplace of tomorrow. The next-gen leader is the person we will read about in books, hear speak at conferences and reference in awe. At Nexus, we work to become this type of leader. We choose to play it BIG. To lead with greater purpose, intentionality and conviction.

Do I have to be a leader to apply?

It depends on how you define leadership! Yes, you need to be a leader but at Nexus we do not define a leader as someone who has reached a certain level hierarchically. Rather, a leader is someone who is unwaveringly committed to making impact, supporting other women and igniting positive change. We are not focused on what it says on your business card but rather who you are and why you are driven to be a change agent.

Can you tell me more about your partner ecosystem?

The Nexus works with a number of preferred partners—helping our partners get in front of an exceptional, professional group of leaders and allowing our members to enjoy discounted rates when tapping our partners for trainings, workshops and professional services. To inquire about our partnership opportunities, click here.