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"We don't have to wait to meet, see or hear from the X-factor leader. We can choose to be the X-factor leader, to become the next-gen leader. We can grant ourselves permission to be the visionaries, the powerhouses and the pioneers forever reshaping the leadership landscape." - Carrie Majewski, Founder, Women in Leadership Nexus


For too long, the term “leader” has been synonymous with power. A leader sits at an elevated position on a corporate ladder; a leader is a boss, manager and supervisor; a leader has an impressive title on his or her business card.

But shifting paradigms and ideologies have begun to challenge this mentality.

We are experiencing the erosion of corporate hierarchy, the endorsement of top-down, bottom-up leadership and the support for authentic leadership. We are witnessing the rise of the next-gen leader. But we still have work to do.

The Women in Leadership Nexus is a professional association that empowers women to reach an amplified level of leadership, fueled to be the agents of change and co-creators of a different leadership paradigm. Nexus women unequivocally understand that there is always more to grab: a new level of potential to reach, skill set to acquire, perspective to consider, opportunity to unearth and leadership journey to be activated. They are the individuals creating and subscribing to a new set of leadership ideals that result in more circular, more supportive, more successful workplaces.

Through educational trainings, an interactive online community and an ecosystem of trailblazing women, the Nexus unites women fueled to explore, shape and apply the principles of a next-gen leader. We are at the nexus, or the center point, of a new type of leadership.



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The Nexus brings together leaders of all ages, professions and experiences who lead in unique ways. Nexus has embraced a different way to look at who is a leader and how they lead. Having a diverse group of smart women in the same room is inspiring and has allowed me to connect with women that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.
— Susan Keller, Founding Nexus Member, Entrepreneurial Executives


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