Nexus to Explore the Power of Abundance at Dec. 4 Leadership Event

Nexus to Explore the Power of Abundance at Dec. 4 Leadership Event

Cranston, R.I. – Monday, October 22, 2018—As leaders, we are often laser focused on strengthening hard skill sets, from how to effectively set and execute corporate vision to how to deliver a masterful public presentation. We also focus on developing soft skill sets like listening, collaboration and coaching. But, how much time is spent strengthening our ability to see the universe—both our personal and professional worlds—through a lens of abundance, instead of scarcity?

On Dec. 4, the Women in Leadership Nexus will dive deep into the power of the abundance mentality through its next chapter event, “Manifesting True Abundance: A Paradigm Shift for Empowered Women.” The workshop, led by Bryna Haynes, founder of Choose Your Evolution, we will explore the ways in which women habitually cut themselves off from abundance in their lives both personally and professionally, and how we can reclaim it through being in our authenticity, vulnerability and trust every day.

Bryna Haynes, featured speaker at Dec. 4 event

Bryna Haynes, featured speaker at Dec. 4 event

“When we feel abundant, and consciously cultivate that feeling each day, we can lead from a place of trust, cooperation and expansiveness. On the other hand, when we're stuck in a mentality of fear, lack or ‘not enough,’ we are more likely to be competitive and critical of those around us—and may even push away the relationships and resources we need to rise and thrive,” says Haynes. “By identifying the ways in which women block their abundance, and by giving practical tools and practices to help them step from fear into empowerment, I hope to create a trickle-down effect for attendees; they will go back into their lives as magnets for greater abundance in all areas, and everyone in their sphere will benefit as well.”

During the event, attendees will uncover the true meaning of the word “abundance,” identify chief abundance blockers that get in the way of reaching a more empowered level of leadership, and create an action plan to align themselves with abundance. Attendees will have the chance to learn from Haynes, a transformational speaker, philosopher, coach and award-winning, best-selling author, and also participate in small group work to learn directly from their peers.

The event, taking place at Hotel Providence from 3:30-7:30 pm, will conclude with the Women in Leadership Nexus holiday party.

“A core tenet of next-gen leadership is to see the world through the lens of abundance. To celebrate the beauty of opportunity, potential, advancement and constant evolution. To fiercely believe that everything you wish to achieve is possible,” Nexus CEO/Founder Carrie Majewski. “This event allows us to elevate the concept of abundance and, more importantly, actively choose to bring this frame of thought into our leadership philosophies. We could not be more thrilled to have Bryna as our featured speaker and ignite in all of us the belief that anything is possible.”


Steer PVD, a Rhode Island based video production and creative arts studio, will be the exclusive sponsor of the event.

There are a few spots reserved for non-members, who interested in learning more about the Nexus community, to attend this event. To register for the event, click here. To request more information about joining the Women in Leadership Nexus as a member, click here.

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