Shoes and Your Gut: More In Common Than You Think

I love shoes. Like, I really, REALLY love shoes. Many would say I’m “addicted,” but I’m not 100 percent certain yet. Imelda Marcos had over 1,200 pairs of shoes so I am pretty sure I’m still alright… right?

I was recently out shoe shopping and looking at all the “beauties” on the shelves.  After trying on shoes pair after pair, I realized the experience was very much like following my intuition. Now why in the world would I compare my intuition to shoes? What could fashionable footwear possibly have to do with listening to my gut?

The experience of shoe shopping is based purely on initial looks. We look, we touch but lastly we try them on to see if they will fit. “If” is the operative here. We don’t know how the experience will be. Though the look is important, the most important part is if can you walk in them. Are they comfortable? Could I feasibly work all day or go out in these? There is so much more than just the look; the feel is what’s actually crucial. This is where intuition and shoes become the same. We always look first then the intuition guides us to comfort level.

I have bought shoes that were stunning on the rack (and of course on me too) even though they were miserable to wear. If they weren’t comfortable in the store how did I possibly think that walking in them (for a full day) would feel any better? The answer is I knew that they wouldn’t, but I wanted to try it, and after I did, I learned I was right initially. I shouldn’t have bought them!

How come we are willing to risk the comfort for a possibility?

Why would I waste my money on a chance? Why when we get that “gut feeling” do we ignore it and take a chance? Does it ever work out? There are always exceptions to the rule, but my experience is it usually doesn’t. So how have I fallen for it?

Well, I believe sometimes I wanted the “look of it” to be the “feel of it” and every time I have woke up with blisters.

There is a reason we have that inner voice and we need not silence it. We need to embrace it and make that our comfort zone. Of course, we can still be wrong, but the odds are most likely going to be when you listen to your intuition you will have your “Cinderella moment.”

Life lesson:  If the shoe fits, go and dance at the ball. But if it doesn’t, it’s midnight and time to go home.

Kelly Lichtenberger is WBENC certified and is able to provide workforce agility to all industries with varying technology needs. Previously Kelly lead the venerable Inside Sales organization at Carousel Industries and played a pivotal role in Carousel’s business development and customer outreach. With over 15 years of leadership and inside sales development experience, she carries a diverse background in building revenue-driven inside sales teams within high-growth, high-tech organizations. As a four-time winner of the AA-ISP Most Influential Sales Professionals, Kelly is a noted expert on how to train, build and grow exceptional teams. Prior to joining Carousel, Kelly led the Inside Sales, Market Development and SMB teams at LifeSize Videoconferencing, a division of Logitech.