5 Things Women Do Better than Men in Business

Who runs the world? GIRLS! That’s not just a cheesy lyric from a Beyoncé song anymore. It’s becoming our new reality in the business world across the globe.

At my job, I report to a woman who leads the business strategy of a division of my global company Informa. And, she reports to a woman who leads the global business strategy of many divisions in countries around the world. Informa is just one of countless organizations that have strong, talented women leading the charge.

More and more women are in leadership roles in business, government, education, and more. Not to mention, women are now the dominant force in small business ownership and succeeding in industries that were once taboo for women. In fact, according to a recent study by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), “Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership,” women have been leaders in different society throughout history. And despite stereotypes, the concept of leadership is not inherently masculine.

So, it got me thinking… what ways are women actually more effective at business than men? Here is what I came up with:

1.       Women are Intuitive. It is a known fact that women are intuitive creatures. We can feel and sense things deep inside our core that men cannot. This strong intuition leads me to believe that we can read people better and, therefore, make more meaningful connections in our personal lives and in business.

2.       Women Listen. There’s something special about having a conversation with a woman and knowing she’s truly listening. By watching the facial expressions and eye contact of certain women, you really know they are taking in and understanding your every word. So, you can vent, gloat, complain, share ideas—whatever it may be—and she will listen. Whether it means listening to the needs of your team, or listening in meetings to hear key trends in your industry, listening will make you a stronger business leader.

3.       Women Empathize. Women endure a lot in their lifetime. They take on the world and bear it on their shoulders, sometimes for other people in their lives aside from just themselves. This makes many women extremely empathetic. They can put themselves in the shoes of others and understand different points of view. This is so important in business because how could any product or service be successful without understanding the customer’s wants and needs?

4.       Women Multitask. I think most women are inherently multitaskers from the day they are born. Those in our lives rely on all the amazing things we, as women, can do like bring people together, build careers, foster friendships, create happy homes, raise families, and more—all while following our dreams. In my day-to-day job, I am juggling several things at once, but they all have to get done, somehow. I’ve observed tons of women absolutely in every level killing it at multitasking since I entered the workforce. It’s apparent that women can handle A LOT.

5.       Women Know How to Plan. Anyone who knows me know that I thrive off planning everything in my life. I sometimes wish I could be more spontaneous, but then nothing would get accomplished! I owe the majority of my career success to my womanly planning genes (thanks Mom!). I’m not alone, as many women share this planning gene. It makes businesses and the world go ‘round.

Amanda is Head of Content Marketing & Social Media at Informa as well as a Freelance Journalist at IPWatchdog. She loves nature, coffee, yoga, writing and traveling. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @AmandaCicc.