Women in Leadership Nexus, Tech Collective Tackle Topic of Next-Gen Leadership

Providence, R.I. – Tuesday, October 17, 2017— Empowering local women to recognize that leadership is not defined by one’s title or profession, but rather by one’s mindset to intentionally lead, the Women in Leadership Nexus and Tech Collective sponsored a panel discussion on the topic of next-gen leadership. The event, which took place Thursday, October 12, attracted more than 50 women across all industries and professions.

“All too often in business we see women refrain from pulling up a seat at the table, moving the conversation forward or challenging the status quo because they feel their current title and place in the hierarchy precludes them from doing so,” says Carrie Majewski, Founder and CEO of the Women in Leadership Nexus. “But title doesn’t make someone a leader. Conversely, what makes someone a leader is a fierce belief to do better and affect change, no matter what is says on your business card.”

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The event gave attendees the chance to hear from a group of panelists who have all challenged traditional leadership paradigms, from balking at the notion of a corporate ladder to following entrepreneurial dreams. The panel was moderated by Jen Hetzel Silbert, senior project manager, Opportunity@Work, and Founder of Learning401. Panelists included:

  • Natalie Benkovich, project manager at AIPSO
  • Maeve Donohue, founder of Nami Studios and program director at the Collaborative
  • Kayla Drozd, marketing manager at HiRoad
  • Deb Ricci, Director, Business Readiness Champion at Carousel Industries

In addition to hearing from the panelists, attendees had the chance to participate in a small group exercise in which they were asked to identify women in their life who exude the characteristics of a next-gen leader, as well as craft an action plan for finetuning their own skillsets to better embody the traits of a forward-facing leader.

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“It was incredible to see a room full of women, diverse in age and experience, discussing what leadership looks and feels like in their lives,” said Amanda Roman, Women in Tech Program Manager at Tech Collective. “The attendees were captivated by the panelists’ experiences of empowering themselves to create leadership opportunities throughout their lives and careers, in both traditional and non-traditional ways. They created actionable steps towards how they can do the same.”

The Women in Leadership Nexus and Tech Collective are committed to helping local women sharpen desired skill sets, connect with likeminded peers and focus on personal and professional development.  To learn more about each company’s respective events, click on the below:


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The Women in Leadership Nexus empowers women to reach an amplified level of leadership, fueled to be the agents of change and co-creators of a different leadership paradigm. Through in-person events and an interactive member community, the Nexus unites women looking to explore, shape and apply the principles of a next-gen leader. The Nexus offers application-based membership to its Rhode Island Chapter, with members spanning all industries and professions. To learn more, please visit www.wilnexus.com. Visit the Women in Leadership Nexus on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn.


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The Women in Leadership Nexus is a professional leadership association empowering women to reach an amplified level of leadership.