PBN Coverage: Five Questions with Carrie Majewski

Providence Business News, October 18, 2017 – Carrie Majewski is the founder and CEO of the Women in Leadership Nexus, a networking group to empower women as leaders in both the workplace and the community. Majewski also serves as the principal of marketing at Trilix, an information technology consulting and software firm based in Warwick.


Majewski spoke with Providence Business News about the Oct. 12 panel discussion co-hosted by WIL Nexus and Tech Collective to examine the topic of “Redefining Leadership” for the modern workplace.

PBN: How did the concept of “Redefining Leadership” go from a Q&A series on the WIL Nexus blog to a panel event co-hosted with Tech Collective?

MAJEWSKI: Though we’ve seen great advancements in school of thought surrounding leadership – from the erosion of hierarchy at a number of forward-facing companies to a greater awareness that leadership moves up, down, diagonals and sideways – we still have a way to go. For the past year, the WIL Nexus has been bringing attention to why we need to redefine leadership through a recurring blog series that profiles local, trailblazing women with their own unique stories and definitions of leadership. But I knew it was imperative to continue this dialogue in person, too.

WIL Nexus and Tech Collective partnered to co-host a panel discussion on this topic, inviting women who embody the characteristics of a next-gen leader to sit on the panel. I am incredibly humbled and inspired by the more than 50 local women who came out. It shows that we are creating the right forums to unite women around this topic.


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The Women in Leadership Nexus is a professional leadership association empowering women to reach an amplified level of leadership.