Leadership Development Speaker, Author Tim Hebert To Talk Career Transitions at Nexus Event

Leadership Development Speaker, Author Tim Hebert To Talk Career Transitions at Nexus Event

Providence, R.I. – Monday, April 9, 2018—With the average person changing jobs 10 to 15 times during his or her career, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we as a society seem to always be in a state of career transition. What’s more, women are holding almost as many jobs as men, despite taking more time out of their career for child-rearing.

To help women embark on their next career transition with heightened confidence, purpose and success, the Women in Leadership Nexus is holding a leadership training seminar Wednesday, May 16, “In Career Transition? Start Leveraging Your Strengths.”

“Extraordinary leaders regularly and actively pursue career transitions because they fundamentally understand that to evolve and try something new is to experience a profound learning moment and reach newfound success,” says Nexus Founder/CEO Carrie Majewski. “Transition can be defined in so many ways—reaching for that promotion, adding a new service line to your business, starting your own company or completely changing your career. Our upcoming event is designed to help our members identify a core transition moment ahead and lay the action plan for tackling the transition with greater assurance and excitement so that they affirmatively say ‘yes’ to the change.”

National speaker, author and leadership trainer facilitator Tim Hebert will be conducting the seminar, focusing particularly on the role positive-strength philosophy, and intentionally playing to one’s strengths, plays in a moment of transition. Attendees will be asked to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment prior, which will reveal their dominant strengths. During the workshop, Hebert will lead the group through:

  • Identifying the No. 1 career transition they desire to make in the coming weeks, months or year
  • Applying a strengths-based framework to tackling transitions with greater success, ease and confidence
  • Interpreting and analyzing the results of their Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment in greater depth
  • Pinpointing the immediate steps they will take tomorrow to move towards their next important milestone

“Our careers are largely defined by a series of transitions that become strung together over time,” says Hebert. “We want to make moves, take risks and ask for more because we know we are worthy. The problem with transitions are that they can be masqueraded as insurmountable obstacles. Though our gut tells us we are hungry for more, when the moment to transition comes around, sometimes we can believe we are not in a position, talented or skilled enough. Therefore, we may choose to settle in and sit down versus walking through the door to a new opportunity.”

“During this workshop, I want to help attendees realize that as doors to opportunity open, it is our responsibility and privilege as leaders to walk through them,” he adds. “We can choose to stop framing the transition as challenging, risky and impossible and instead as exciting, fulfilling and game-changing.”

The event, taking place from 3:30-7 pm at the Waterman Grille in Providence, RI, is free to Nexus members. The ticket price for non-members is $100. To register, click here.

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