RI Inno Coverage: Nexus Helping Members ‘Fight Through the Current’

RI Inno Coverage: Nexus Helping Members ‘Fight Through the Current’

RI Inno, May 7, 2018  It started as a blog. The “it,” of course, is the Women in Leadership Nexus, a Providence-based group started by Trilix principal of marketing Carrie Majewski.

“As with all business ventures, we typically don’t know what something’s going to be,” she explains of the group’s transformation from page to life.

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For the uninitiated, Women in Leadership Nexus is an opportunity for its members to “be around extraordinary, successful women, discover newfound possibilities within themselves, and keep company with the women to whom they aspire to be,” its website states. It offers events, networking sessions and other resources for women to grow as professionals and as leaders.

Majewksi was inspired to create the group after she landed a dream job at in the Ocean State. It brought her up from New York, and the move was dubbed a “triumphant moment in my career,” she adds.

As she rubbed shoulders with incredible leaders in her new role, she founded herself “a  little obsessed, healthily so” with the concept of leadership. She was pouring over reading materials on the subject, having meetings and writing a blog series about what she was learning.

It was that series that, earlier this spring, blossomed into what the Nexus is now: an actual organization boasting a Rhode Island chapter and 50 paying members.

“[Leadership is this] major island we’re supposed to get to; leadership can feel very final, like a destination; but it’s not,” Majewski says. “How do you start? How do you start to piece together connection …  so that we’re reaching closer to that more amplified level of leadership?”

That’s where Nexus comes in. It’s about empowering women to see their own strengths, embrace them, and make positive change where they’re at — whatever that looks like for the indvidual woman.

In fact, “change” happens to be one of the group’s five core values, which Majewski says guide all the group does. Authenticity, sharing, connection and a desire to learn round out the rest.

“We’re focused on legacy, [creating a] positive impact,” Majewski says, explaining these values. “We don’t have the answers, and that’s so beautiful, so we surround ourselves with different experiences and perspectives. … We want [participants] to rethink the possible in their lives, rethink their goals.”

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The Women in Leadership Nexus is a professional leadership association empowering women to reach an amplified level of leadership.