September Chapter Event to Explore How to Strengthen Leadership Presence

September Chapter Event to Explore How to Strengthen Leadership Presence

Cranston, R.I. – Tuesday, August 14, 2018—It’s long been documented that it takes just seconds for someone to form an impression of you, and there are a number of criteria that shape that impression including: visual presence, verbal- and non-verbal tendencies, personal branding and the ability to form strong connections. Each of these components fuse together to create your leadership presence, an X-factor quality that allows you to more powerfully communicate, build relationships and shape your legacy.

To help women explore how to strengthen their own leadership presence—specifically by focusing on three core areas—the Women in Leadership Nexus is holding its next chapter training, “Explore Your Leadership Presence through Multiple Lenses.” The event, taking place at the Providence Public Library from 3:30-6:30 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 26, will give members the chance to hear from three experts in a series of TED-like talks, as well as participate in small group work to dive deeper into one facet of their leadership presence they wish to improve.

Attendees will hear from three speakers who will cover three key components of presence: legacy, personal branding and interpersonal relationships. The speakers include:

  • Brittany Drozd: Coach and change-maker inspiring leaders to help create the legacy they want for their lives
  • Margaret Batting: Personal brand activator helping leaders get clear on how to use their personal brand, visual presence and verbal and non-verbal communications as strategic tools
  • Suma Gaddam: Care New England CIO who leads, sponsors and develops enterprise-level teams, focusing on the importance of interpersonal relationship development

Says Drozd: “Leadership presence forces us to consider who we want to be in our world and what impact we want to make. Without that consciousness, we float through life in the path of least resistance, just as water would flow. Leadership isn't just about your title in the workplace, but more about how you show up in times of adversity, the relationships we build and the legacies we create every day. I'm looking forward to discussing the active role you can play in creating a legacy today that truly reflects your values and creates the powerful impact you can make.”

Adds Batting: “As women, we have powerful branding tools at our disposal that we can use to propel our careers forward. By activating your unique personal brand, you have the power to transform your business relationships and accelerate your career success.”

Says Gaddam: "Leaders are often not born; perhaps 90% are made either by choice or circumstance. Leadership presence is always the key ingredient in creating a leader and for followers to trust and be led by the person taking the charge. I believe that interpersonal skill is the single most important asset the leader needs to have innately or acquire as they embark on that journey. This human/self-development begins from within or YOU. There is no right time or place to begin and it is never too late to start and see the positive results of that effort in personal and professional transformation."

Following the talks, Susan Greenhalgh, COO of NPR, will lead a fireside chat among the speakers to delve further into the nuances of presence. The seminar will conclude with small group work.

There are a set number of seats reserved for non-members. To learn more about the event, or to register, click here.

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